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Helpful Tips for Your Maternity Portrait Session

Maternity sessions are about capturing the beauty of pregnancy and the miracle of your tiny baby growing inside.

Most maternity portrait sessions should be scheduled after your 32nd week to best show off your pregnant curves.

Typically clients prefer the privacy of their own home as the setting for a maternity session. We want to show off your adorable belly which usually involves a bare tummy. Try to ensure that your home is clean and free of distractions. If you'll have a nursery, we'll take some photos there, so remove any boxes and items that are not yet set up for display.

I would reccomend wearing a solid color tank top and yoga pants or jeans. Jeans that look best are those with short panels, or jeans that sit below the belly, and jeans from before your pregnancy will work even if they can't be zipped up. Tops that bare the belly work well, such as shrugs that we can tie above the belly. I would also suggest that you choose a maternity outfit you really love, and have that ready to go too.

If possible, please allow only those that will be in the photos to remain at home. Children are welcome for the photos...afterall who doesn't love a shot of big sister or brother kissing mama's belly. But make sure they will be occupied for part of the time as we want to focus on just mom too.

Please ask any questions, I want this to be a relaxing day and a special memory!