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Photographing Kids

One trick I read about is to give the child something to do...then just start shooting away. Or have them climb onto something. This gives them a reason to stay where you want them! I really like "natural" or "unposed" pictures. They might not be exactly right all the time, and you definitely can use some posing here and there...but for the most part I really like the unposed look.

These pictures are taken of my own kids....to practice and try out some different settings on my camera.

Just a safetey note, NEVER spend time "hanging out" on the railroad tracks! I had to zoom out as far as I could to make it look like I was far way from the kiddos since I just didn't want to step too far away from them. (Though we could see forever in both directions that there was no train...)

This is one of my personal favorites...not because it is "such a great picture" but because it is just a perfect rendition of who my kids are! :)

In these ones it seemed that in every picture one of my daughters had a "broken neck." (As I refer to it!)