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~Editing~ & ~More on Alyssa and Matt~

Editing is going so much faster this time! Every time I go to a session I am already thinking about the shots I hope to get and how I want them to look when they are processed.

I shoot my images in a RAW format. When I get them home I can put them in the computer and then process them into a JPEG file. What so totally rocks about RAW is the fact that you can change some of your settings like, the light balance, the picture mode, contrast, etc....its great!

After I convert the RAW files I start looking at the picture in Photoshop. From there I decide what changes I want to make to the image...if any at all. Sometimes just a boost here or contrast adjustment there does wonders! The times where I play with it and then realize I liked it better straight out of the camera are like gold! That means I am doing my job at the shoot and don't have to mess with anything! Of course there are always the black and white adjustments and some sepias thrown in for fun....what I love to see is a picture, that is so-so in color, get changed over to b&w and it suddenly is great!

Here are a few more of Alyssa and Matt...I can't believe how fast I am getting their pictures done! Only about 100 to go! :)