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Did you Vote?

Did you mail your ballot in? If not...go drop it off today before 8pm! Don't put it in the mail or it won't be counted! (At least in my state!) I have always been a little envious of people who get to go into an actual voting booth, there is just something so electric about the atmosphere of it all. Though, I don't speak from experience, just my imagination!
I suppose that waiting in line (in the rain...and cold) probably isn't all its cracked up to be. My husband and I sat down (just last night!) and went over our ballots. (In the warmth of our own home!) There were so many random initiatives and local elections going on too. I have a hard time sorting through all the mumbo jumbo to determine what the words really mean.
So...as I was saying, make sure you vote! A friend of mine told me that she once won a contest about "Why Your 1 Vote Matters" and guess what? She has not yet voted!! I hope she gets it in today! It does matter, so go vote!
I wonder how many blog posts are going to be about voting and the elections today??


Columbia Lily said...

I voted!!

Anonymous said...

Me too. (I voted!) And I have done the actual booth thing. Twice, I think! Wow, does that age me? I may be your older sister, but not that MUCH older!!;) It is fun, though, you get the little sticker and there's people all around and you just feel so patriotic or something!