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101 Posts

This is my 101st post! Wow...can't quite believe that. My photographer friend, http://www.jennifertibbettsphotography.com/ had a post about the some actions she uses. I had not found a picture that I liked one of the actions on yet, and decided to try the same thing she did. (Just call me a copy cat!) I really like the results. Here are just a few more snow pictures that we took this morning! Of course, they feature my three faithful models!
I absolutely LOVE the snow!

I used the 70's action on the picture above and below.

Oh, the FREE actions are from http://thepioneerwoman.com/


Jennifer said...

GREAT JOB, I love the snow pictures with that action! It does work with the white, I wonder if it applies to all pictures with a lot of white? There is that cool truck again, I would give my right leg to use that truck as a prop! You should use it with a Senior or girl standing in the back, legs slightly apart, hands in back pocket, and dressed sort of "urbany." If the wind was blowing her hair, it would be a perfect picture. Can you tell I've had that picture in my mind FOREVER!!!!