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Sweet "P" Family

Some of my good friends let me take some family portraits this weekend. Their daughter is so funny. She has the biggest, brownest eyes and is absolutely adorable. I don't feel like I know her all that well, she is only 1 afterall. But take a look at these pictures and I think her personality is captured here. (Beth, tell me if I am wrong...)

I absolutely love how the picture in front of the holly (above) turned out so "Christmas'y'"

Just click on the pictures to see them big.
The one above just absolutely cracks me up. This is what I know of Miss E. Always on the go....her arms are flapping away in excitment!

I love playing with color tones, but can never quite decide which I like the most. The top picture is straight out of the camera color, and the picture below I adjusted using an action called "Creamy Toffee Latte". It makes the colors warmer and adds a softness to the picture.


Anonymous said...


Thanks SOOO much for your work. They just look great! -Kurt

Anonymous said...

Thank you !!! They are so fun! I think you have Ellie pegged jut perfect! GREAT JOB!!

Jen said...

These are awesome pictures, Bethany!! You really captured all of their personalities! I love the picture where they are looking up at you - those always turn out so well!! And the one below that of Miss E smiling is just TOO cute!! Did you do these at their house? Such cool shots!

Bethany Haile Photography said...

Yes Jen, this is at their house. They turned out so well because they have such a cute family!