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A Sweet Moment

The other day my oldest daughter was having a hard afternoon. After listening to about an hour of off and on, whining and fussing, I had had enough. (Mean mom!) So I sent her outside to talk to daddy. A few minutes later I look out the window to see this....

it totally melted my heart. I have an awesome husband who is a great daddy to his girls!

I used an action from Coffee Shop Actions. They have some great free actions for Photoshop and PSE. The one I used here is Creamy Toffee Latte. It just gives the picture a sweet soft look.


Jennifer said...

How sweet! Nothing like Dad and his girls.

Sarah Haile said...

Very cute! I think we are very lucky ladies to have married men who were so well raised to be able to carry out fatherly duties such as this...not many guys are so tenderhearted.