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Another Card Design *edited*

*So Jennifer...is this close to what you pictured? I kinda went crazy with circles on the last one, but didn't know which one looked better. :)*


Jennifer said...

How cute! You should try the same design but with circles where the feather like designs are. I love circles on a card!!!! This one is super cute, you are so good at what you do. And... tell your husband thanks for the compliment! BTW, I LOVE your blog button! It is my favorite design of yours!!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh MY, the first one with circles is exactly what I pictured! It looks GREAT! I think I may order that one for Addi's birthday invitation! How cute!!!!

Jennifer said...

OK, I do want that design for Addi's Birthday invitation! I'm going to your website and hopefully get everything sent to you..if not now then after the kiddos go to bed. Great Job!