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As I mentioned in earlier post, I am going to be part of a giveaway this week! I am so excited about it! My friend Jen is going to be hosting the giveaway, so you'll need to visit her site, (http://thriftynorthwestmom.blogspot.com/) starting tomorrow to be able to enter. I am going to be giving away a custom card design!

There will be 3 card choices. (Though I have so many more available...I thought it would be easiest on us both if we narrowed it down to three.) Each card will have lots of different options, so we can make it perfectly personalized for you!

Here are a few cards that I have been working on lately....


Jennifer said...

The second design is my favorite, love the black swirls!

Jennifer said...

OH but you must do a tutorial on brushes for those of us that shy away at such a process!

I used The Seventies action on the top picture of the gal on my blog. I just reduced the opacity b/w 40-60%, I can't remember the exact number. I have found that it makes the skin so smooth. I also used that action on the pictures of Madalyn that I posted. I find that I like it at a lower opacity.