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I ♥ Faces = Fix It Friday "My Shadow"

This week at I ♥ Faces the picture was submitted by Andrea. The original has quite a shadow to his face, but is a cute picture. I lightened it up by adding texture layers that had a lighter tone to them. All of my edits were done in Photoshop 7. I used Coffee Shops Barn textures for these overlays. So...without further ado, here are my edits. :)

The Original Shot

This is my edited version. I lightened it just a bit, then added 3 different layers. I used one as a soft light layer, and the other two as overlays at about 50%. Then I used the healing tool to remove the texture from the little boy without removing the color tones of the layer.

Ran the "70's" action on this one, then boosted the sharpness, colors and contrasts.

This one is just a black and white version of the picture above.

Now we are off to the Oregon Zoo in Portland with some friends!!


Caroline said...

gorgeous edits - tempts me to play more with mine :D

Becca said...

These are fantastic - I love the 70s one :-)

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow! Very dynamic! I love the black and white one the best. All of the textures are nice though. Very, very nice!

Shae said...

Nice work with the texture.

Teresa said...

Wow, excellent work! Love the colors, tones, and brightness, and wonderful use of texture!

Cathy said...

Love the texture and the vintage color of the 3rd pic.


AJ said...

Oh, I like the way you used the layers :).