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So stinkin hard to choose a favorite...

Don't you hate it when people are so cute?!

How is it possible that nearly every image I have come across from my senior session on Saturday becomes my new favorite?! You know those people that pull off any look, any outfit, or anything they try, well I met one on Saturday. Corrinda is part of the dance team at South Albany High School and I talked her into doing something for the camera....she did it so gracefully and looked gorgeous all the while. So, Corrinda, you are now added to my list as one of those people that just make me sick! And I mean that in the nicest way possible! ;)

I love senior pictures with mom too....and this one is so sweet!

And lastly I have to give props to Corrinda's friend Courtney. She has got an eye for photography...she suggested using the curb in a shot while we were working on the train tracks and when we got to it I could immediately see a great image. So nice work Courtney! It turned out great, and again Corrinda totally worked the camera. I love it!