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Editing and Sessions

Okay, so this is a non photography pictures post! *GASP* I know, horrible!! But I just have to say how excited I am about my newest sessions. I am finishing up the session I posted from yesterday...so many cute pictures of that little girl! After that I have some AWESOME family pictures to work on, as well as Mr. Riley's 6 month session and a second amazing family session I just shot today. Great light, great subjects, ADORABLE kids. I can't wait to get going!
Seriously....can't wait. :)
And one more thing, if you have not heard about the totally FREE event happening this week in Albany you should check it out. There are family fun things, concerts by nationally known artists, extreme sports demos and more!! All at Timberlinn Park in Albany. Check out the link toWillamette Celebration and go check out the festival!