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Taylor~ Class of 2011

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I have known Taylor since she was 11 or 12 and I am so honored to be able to take her senior portraits! I have been blessed to spend lots of time with Taylor. She has babysat for my kids, been part of the youth group that my husband and I helped with and we even traveled to Mexico together! (Those pictures are here, here and here.)
I am amazed by the beauty and strength that a girl her age can poses!
I looked up the meaning of Taylor and found this, "tailor; to make, alter, or adapt for a particular end or purpose" I don't think you can describe Taylor much better than that. She is altering her life, adapting her choices for a particular end or purpose...that of serving God. Pretty cool for a young woman!
I had a really hard time picking out which pictures to use...so I just created this slideshow of lots of them instead.




Anonymous said...

Gorgeous girl! Great pictures! I love the one at the top!