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What is wrong with me?!

I totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Our dog (well, ONE of our dogs, the original one) is whining because she doesn't like to drink out of the new water dish. She is scared of it. Seriously! It glugs and apparently that freaks her out. The kids were playing school really nicely all morning, but I have yet to accomplish much...well besides getting lots of editing done! But the house is just in major need of a 15 minute clean up and I really don't want to do it!

My mother-in-law loaned me The Testament, by John Grisham. Its about a missionary in Brazil....I am hooked and can't stop reading it. Maybe because our friends recently left for long term mission work in Brazil? Who knows...it's a good book so far. Read it!

I came across this picture on craigslist the other day....and love it.

Its been the inspiration to several designs I have made over the weekend, but I just can't decide where I would hang them in my house. I made one with a white background and light blue stems and birds, but I just don't know. What do you think? Look at all familiar? (I must have a thing for trees and birds!)

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And I am still working on this little cutie pie's pictures....a few more to go before I am finished!

baby girl,baby,18 months,1 1/2,photography

Did you love this personal post today? Hope I didn't bore you all to death! ;)