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More from the family session

I can't believe it but I am already done editing the pictures from Sunday! I am not sure if it was out of fear of having nothing worth while or excitement that I kept finding a few golden nuggets here and there. I have definitely gained knowledge working with a toddler (that is not my own) and more than 1 or 2 subjects. Finding pictures that are just right, where everyone is looking, eyes open and holding still (toddlers move a lot!) can be a challenge. I should have known this from trying to take a picture of my friends a few weeks back. They have a 2 yr old little girl who is constantly on the move. Out of 15 shots only ONE ended up "kinda decent"! Not good, mind you, k-i-n-d-a /d-e-c-e-n-t! If I think I am a pro then I must be sorely mistaken! :)

Okay, yes I am poking a little fun at myself. I am definitely still learning...and having a blast while I am at it! So here is the ONE shot that turned out decent of my friends family. And a few more of the family session I did on Sunday. I'll post later on today my FAVORITE shot of Sunday's session!