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Tonya & Bry and John

Tonya and Bry seem to be the best of friends and John and Bry are recently engaged! (Congratulations again!) I spent most of the night laughing at the girls antics and John's good natured attitude! Bry is a hair stylist in Salem and just about found a new job last night. She had great poses and did a great job with making sure Tonya's hair was "just right"! Thanks Bry, you made my job easy!

I made my first major mistake last night...I walked out the door without a battery in my camera! I was incredibly embarressed! But Tonya and her friends were patient and happy to let me take some time to solve the problem. They had a chance to get some dinner while I decided what to do. I could drive home to get the battery but took the chance we would end up completely in the dark by the time I got back. So I decided to find a local camera store to buy a backup battery. (Which I planned to do someday anyway!) Fortunately the battery had a partial charge (about 1/3) and I headed back to the park.

So at about 6:30 (an hour after our original appointment.) we got started with the shoot. I have to apologize one more time! But again, I was so thankful to have a laid back group who took it all in stride!

While I am not going to claim to have taken my best set of shots, I did get to play around with lighting and such, since by the time we ended the session is was completely dark! I really got to learn lots of new things! Hopefully I will get some of those pictures posted later in the week.
Well, off I go to get my editing done...only 3 1/2 sessions to finish! (I am about 1/2 done with Kelly and Ken (from Saturday) and I will post a few more pictures of them tomorrow!)


Anonymous said...

Oh Bethany, don't you hate when things like that happen. It looks like you pulled it off without a hitch.