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Since I really want to blog about my Mexico trip but don't have a 100 hours to do it, I figured it would be easier to make some phot collages and go through each event quickly. (I could probably talk about it even longer than 100 hours!)

Some members of our church visited this area in Mexico around 15-20 years ago and built a church in a tiny town called Tabasco. We were able to visit this church last Sunday and meet Alfredo, the pastor, his wife Connie, and daughters Melissa and Kayla. They were so welcoming to us, I think we all fell in love with them immediately! So this collage is from Sunday the 22. (Click on the collage to see it larger.)


Columbia Lily said...

I keep meaning to comment on this.....It sounds like you had a great time. I was able to go to Mexico 2-3 times while I was in high school (or college?) and I loved it. I think I went a little further south, into central Mexico.