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Inglesia Mision Betania

On Monday of our visit to San Luis Rio Colorado Mexico, we visited this neighborhood church. Inglesia Mision Betania. After driving around the neighborhood with a loud speaker and clowns running along, we drew in a crowd. Our group shared testimonies, the gospel and a couple of clown skits. Afterwards we were able to hand out some clothing as well as beans and rice. One of our team members knows how to make balloon animals, so he had quite a line of kids waiting (patiently even!) for their balloon animal.


Jennifer said...

What an experience, I would love to do something like that. My Mom goes on Missions every year and I get to hear all about the exciting things that happen. Thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

I'm enjoying hearing all about your days there and seeing all these amazing pictures - makes you feel a little bit like we can experience it a bit. You did a great job of capturing all the various aspects of your trip!! Great pics on facebook, too!! Haven't had a chance to comment there yet!