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Fix It Friday Week #15 @ I ♥ Faces

Fix it friday again....I love it! I have been taking a bit of a photography break in May with all the busy things going on, parties, soccer games, and yard work!! (Never ending yard work!) So the fix it friday's have been keeping my creative juices flowing!) I am using photoshop 7.0.
Here is the original picture submitted by Jennifer from Confessions of a Working Mom.

My first edits were to lighten the image, boost the colors and sharpness, then make the eyes pop! I smoothed out the skin as well since the lightening process brought out the white fuzzies.

On this final draft I just enhanced the above version by cropping in close to her face and then running "Lovely and Ethereal" from PW. (one of my favorites!)

On this one I took the cropping even closer in and made the picture into a vertical layout. Then I ran "70's" action from PW (love her!) What would fix it friday be for me without a 70's action picture?! :)


Jewel said...

Very cute :) Love the last one. Great job!

*sara* said...

I love the 70's action fix! :)