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~The Simple Life~ Family Time

I have sure been quiet lately...all the sunshine we are getting has inspired me to get going on a few projects around the old homestead. So we are trying to get our garden planted, our yard landscaped and we are finishing up the school year! (Can you believe that we have just 5 lessons left and we still have not finished...going on 3 weeks like that!)

I don't think I have really even touched my camera in a week! *gasp* Like I said in my last post, I am starting to have withdrawls!! But I promise to have a fun update later this week! I had a client contact me about doing some special pictures, I will be sure to post some later this week after the event! I can't wait!

Also, just 10 days left of my 20's! I am thinking of some sort of giveaway for my 30th birthday present to YOU! Hmm, we'll just have to see what happens there!

And because I can't post a blog entry without a picture, I caught this image when my kids sat down to watch daddy till up the garden area. They had been enjoying the slip-n-slide and took a break to sit down on the grass roller to watch. I thought it was so cute...so I grabbed the camera a snapped a picture! Our neighbor is SO good to let us borrow his tractor, I can't image tilling up this garden without it!

tractor, garden, farm, photography, photos, pictures

tractor, garden, farm, photography, photos, pictures


Jen said...

So sweet!! They love their daddy! So, that is a huge area you guys are going to do for a garden! Wow- what will you be planting? We've got a few things going, but need to get more!

Jennifer said...

That is an awesome photo, one you and your husband will cherish forever! Love the colors!

Leslie said...

Hi Bethany! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your photography is absolutely beautiful. If you're interested I would love to meet you sometime since you're just down the road in Albany. That's so exciting -you're the first person I have found who is also in Oregon :) Anyway, I have a bunch of mommy friends who love having professional pictures taken so it would be good to know another person who they could turn to. Have a wonderful day!

Karen Barnett said...

These are SO sweet! I love how they are lined up by height. Don't you just love those moments?